I'm a game changing coach who specialises in supporting women entrepreneurs as they navigate life, love and business.

My mission is to support passionate and ambitious business owners like you, who are making a difference in the world or their industry, in creating an organisation that supports the lifestyle they truly desire.

As a qualified business and life coach, I will give you the guidance you need by helping you develop the 4Ps: your people, your performance, your process and, of course, your own personal development!


You are the beating heart of your business – so you need to feel positive, confident and ready to take on any challenges that life throws at you. I will help you create a winning mind-set to support the lifestyle you want by exploring your identity, values and beliefs.


Together, we’ll explore ways to leverage your business through hiring the right people. We’ll focus on streamlining your recruitment processes, training programmes, and developing the right culture within your company.


A business needs to be profitable – but I can help you increase your turnover with less effort. My business coaching approach will address conversions, pricing and time management.


I’ll develop a game changer vision and process that allows your business to operate more effectively, working on your goals, personal mission and company structure.


I am a woman just like you!

I have a passion just like you and want to make a difference in the world!

I am a personal development junkie and have a thirst for learning and growing in every area of my life, my mentors include Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Dr Joanna Martin.

I have a gorgeous daughter, who I adore!

I am pioneering the way women ‘do’ business. My business coaching sessions focus on how we can work with our feminine flow AND we get shit done. How we can find a way to work that means the other areas of our lives don’t suffer. So we learn to look after ourselves first; so we have amazing relationships, health and wealth.

During my 15 years in corporate HR, Training and Sales I learnt a lot and loved my experiences, but I saw so much burn out, competition and quite frankly unhappiness and knew there had to be another way.

I went on to cut my teeth and learn first-hand the challenges and rewards of running a small 7 figure business.

I then re-trained as a female business coach in 2011 and finally stepped out on my own. It was the scariest, hardest, yet most rewarding time of my life.

I launched my Damsels in Success group in October 2013 and have since seen many women grow in confidence and see significant results in their life and business, from saving marriages to winning business awards.

Now I have branched out further and aligned everything I do to create Elevated Women. I deliver monthly transformational workshops in Essex to help women build profitable and sustainable businesses in a feminine way.

I look forward to connecting personally with you very soon xx



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